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Uniquely creative, have a problem-solving mindset, interdisciplinary, Adobe native and passionate for the emerging possibilities connecting people and screens can bring.

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Digital Thinker






I have created, designed and developed concepts all my life. 17 years ago I founded to enhance the ability to connect between people and screens.

Over the years, I've taken charge of product mangment, strategy, user experience (UX), and creative direction in a multitude of projects, from startups and enterprises to exclusive boutique clients.

Today I'm the Head of Digital & Innovation at the Israel National Resilience Institute. 

MA graduate in Communications & New Media from IDC Herzliya, mastered in digital marketing and political strategy.

Today, I research the formation of habits, what makes us click, and how cognitive design and technical manipulation trigger us to action. For better and worse.

I lecture on how to protect ourselves aginst FAKE NEWS and online manipulation. Learn more about critical thinking and cognitive manipulations.


PAST: 10 years instractur of interactive design, introduction to the internet, creative thinking and Adobe design sofwere. 

Africa has a warm place in the heart. It started in my second year of undergrad, and haven't parted ways. In a collaboration across continents, I explore the intersection of technology and civic engagement and spread of digital literacy. So people can have options - they will do the rest.

Sample Projects & Collaboration


A versatile digital strategist with a diverse skill set, specializing in crafting tailored solutions that drive digital transformation and help businesses thrive.

Tailored Digital Strategy

create a customized digital strategy aligned with business goals, industry, and target audience

Personalization & Experience

Tailor user journeys to optimize customer engagement and satisfaction.

Social Media Specialist

Analyze social media trends and user behavior to recommend engagement tactics and narrative campaigns

Digital Transformation

Guiding organizations through digital transformation initiatives to simplify tasks, save time and reduce costs

Research & Analysis

provide market research and competitor analysis services to make informed decisions

Early-stage startups

guide early-stage startups build effective media plans that attract investors, clients, and drive success

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